Bordering a creek, Ribeira das Cabras, you will find Fragas & Colinas territory. It rises to around eight hundred meters. It is a land for oak and chestnuts trees thickets. Sprinkled with rugged granite rocks and beautiful grass.
The most enchanted land made in heaven to rear Jarmelistas and Mirandeses.


Know how  Jarmelistas came about in nature.
Find each one of them: their names and how to get in touch to purchase your very own.


Did you know we have a donkey relative to a famous star on Broadway?! Find out more about it and our wonderful team of Mirandes' donkeys.


Want to explore the background of our company. You can learn more about Fragas e Colinas: the Mission, the Team and the Beginning

Enchanted Land

Learn more about the history, romance, drama of Jarmelo and feel closer to the most enchanted land Casal de Cinza.

Casal de Cinza climate

Want to know more of the climate data in Fragas e Colinas? Explore the seasons of Casal de Cinza.